Best trip ever

That was one of the unexpected and best trips of my life. It was September 13th, 2019 and I went to Šabac, Serbia with a fried just for a weekend. Only for one weekend. That was my plan. 

Then after this weekend just 10 minutes before going back home, I decided to go to Novi Sad for some more days to see my family because I was super close to them. Only 45 minutes of driving. But usually, when we get together our crazy Gypsy hearts start to beat and this is what happened. 

After a week in Novi Sad we sat in our car and decided to go to Beograd, Kraljevo – Vrba to visit our family, then Kosovo i Metohija, Veliko Kruševo – my 2nd Home because my mom is from there. We spend some quality time on the farm with our family. 

Then we decided to extend our trip and to go to visit Ostrog, Montenegro. Ostrog is one of the famous holy places in the world. So, we took our car and went first to Peč, Visoki Dečani, Prizren, Klina, Priština – Our fried joined us there. Then we went to Albania, Monte Negro, Ostrog. Where we spend the night outside on the ground in front of the monastery. That’s how you do it once you are there. Or at least that’s the best way to live the whole experience. And I can tell you it was pure magic. We were blessed.

After that, we decided to extend our trip again and go to Italy with the ferryboat. So, we went to Bosna, Trebinje then Croatia, Dubrovnik where we took the ferry to Italy where we visited different regions.

First was – Puglia which was on my list since always. We saw some gorgeous places like Bari, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Alberobello which was like a fairy tale. Then Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ostuni, Altamura, Matera. I can say that every single city was pure magic and I won’t forget it.

Then we went to – Campania which was on my list too and we visited the whole Amalfi coast so Salerno, Amalfi, Positano, Pompeii were a huge unplanned surprise. I hardly recommend it to all of you. It simply looks unrealistic. 

Then we went to the chaotic Napoli where I tried pizza after years. I eat gluten-free food and usually no carbs. But when you are in Napoli you just have to. It’s part of the whole experience. And we went to the first pizzeria in the world. So…

Then we went to – Toscana which I visited very often but always impressed me. And this time was even more special because we were sleeping in Vinci in the house were DaVinci was born. That was incredible. We also visited Monsanto the most beautiful winery I ever saw, San Gimignano, where we had the best ice cream in the world (literally a world champion), Pisa, Lucca, and the last stop was Firenze. 

After that, we went straight to Koper, Slovenija (my home). It was October 4th that day. I just got home after 23 days and I did it all with the best crew ever. 

Thank you, ladies, for this. Thank you for that vibe. Thank you for that magic. We improvised EVERY SINGLE STEP.

And just to remind you I did it all with a weekend suitcase full of ELLE boutique clothes of course. 



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